Saturday, June 27, 2009

So....I Lied :P

Okay, so no swatch last Sunday. It's the whole camera thing-I have always been a lousy photographer. I use my digital cameras so seldom that I have to get the manual out to figure out how to use it every time.

Okay, so I missed my PlurkBuds and signed back up again. Mine is a big lonely world and I need my cyber buddies to help keep me sane. Oh, and I restored my Twitter account too-mostly I just read, not post.

So here's the deal-sometime today I'm gonna dig out the digital camera and take a picture of the swatch I'm doing for the Ravelry Symbol Crochet Mystery CAL and maybe the Cold Mountain Shawl KAL (I love Kieran Foley's designs-this one is really lovely).

And if I get real ambitious I'll do a shot of the SAL of the Quaker sampler by Mary Wigham from I'm not very far on the sampler so it'll just be a shot of the floss and the fabric and the fifty or so stitches I've managed to do. It's been a long time since I did any cross stitch and geez are my eyes getting old-gonna have to find some young person to thread my needles for me LOL.

I think the deep blue funk has finally lifted. Ever since April I've been spiralling downward-delayed reaction to all the chaos in December I guess. But thankfully, the blues seem to have passed (good riddance to bad rubbish, I say).

Well, it's too beautiful a day here to sit and blog all day. TTYL.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Swatchkeeper Sundays

Swatch is not a dirty is not a dirty is not a dirty word.

Intellectually, I know that swatching is crucial to the success of any knitted or crocheted article that must FIT something as opposed to scarves, afghans, and various other projects that will forgive the lack of swatching. I tend to stick to the non-swatch requiring sort of item myself. But I also know that swatching is a great way to create a stitch library as well.

As an exercise in discipline and in an effort to create my own swatch encyclopedia, I'm establishing Swatchkeeper Sundays on my blog (not that it really matters-there's no one reading my blog at present). Every Sunday, I will select a yarn from my stash and a stitch pattern that intrigues me and I will swatch. Do you hear me? I WILL swatch.

The procrastinator in me must tell you that Swatchkeeper Sunday entries will begin next week (or possibly later today, depending on whether my lazy a** gets a swatch done and whether the sun comes out so I can take a decent picture).

Off Topic Blathering: If you happen to go to Target(pronounced Tar-zhay of course) anytime soon you must check out the Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower stuff and the Mist You Madly body spray-they smell absolutely gorgeous!!!