Friday, November 13, 2009

A Little Christmas Stitching

Every year I attempt to stitch at least one new Christmas ornament. Although I finish the cross stitching I never seem to "finish" the ornament. Consequently, I have a bag chock full of cross-stitch Christmas designs waiting to become ornaments. This year's contribution to the bag is from Just Cross Stitch 2009 Ornament issue. It's called Caroline from Miss Crescent's Crowne and it really is adorable. I was fortunate enough to find the PERFECT fabric for "finishing" it at Hancock's (that's it in the background-don't some of those snowflakes look exactly like the cross stitched ones?). I used a DMC variegated thread for the body of the bird and whatever DMC floss looked good to me for the green and gold and DMC white for the snowflakes. Since the picture was taken I have finished the cross stitch but of course I haven't "finished" the ornament.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

NaNiNaNiBooBoo I couldn't remember what it's called but I know there's an effort underway to encourage bloggers to post every day in November. If you see my history, I'm an erratic blogger at best so it would be fruitless to even think about participating in the "official effort". So, I'm starting my own blogging challenge called NaNiNaNiBooBoo and here are the rules:

1. Post once (any day, any month, any year). Blog entries prior to November 1, 2009 can count towards your total.

Yep...that's rule. So I'm done...having successfully completed the NaNiNaNiBooBoo challenge I can feel good about finally having finished SOMETHING!!!