Monday, October 4, 2010

Still Alive & Breathing

Wow...I am surely not a faithful blogger :(.

I have not necessarily wasted the time I didn't spend blogging though...I have had a case of finishitis for a few months now. I've finished my Scruncheable Scarf, one of my Montego Bay Scarves, an Aestlight Shawl, a Gaenor shawlette, my DROPS capelet/wrap thingie and have made a bit more progress on my cardigan sweater.

I added a few more blocks to my grandmother's flower garden and to my baby blocks charm quilts.

And just this past weekend, I picked up my tatting shuttles again and made these Quadrille earrings from yarnplayer's lovely brilliant pattern. Silly phone camera just doesn't do those dagger beads justice-they are beautiful in person!