Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Year's Notions

New Year's Notions (because notion describes them better than resolution

1. Must knit garments. No more accessories or toys or bags or such until I have the two sweaters that are on my needles finished. I need clothes, not scarves or shawlettes for Petey's sake!

2. Conquer the procrastination proclivity

ok...this is just the start...there will be more notions to come but these two are preying on my mind right now and if I don't write them down I won't remember them in five minutes.

Thanks to PlanetJune I've been inspired to try making one snowflake ornament every year using a different technique each time...of course, my first one will be I'm off to find the perfect tatted snowflake pattern.

Exciting news: my LYS has asked if I will teach a tatting class...this will be great fun!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

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Pennsylvania Guild Fine Crafts Fair

True confession time: I went to the Pennsylvania Guild show for only one reason-too see Elizabeth Zipay's gorgeous work in person. She was very gracious and kindly permitted me to photograph her Booth. Her work is just exquisite! See for yourself
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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Latest Tatting Effort

Yes, it's another of yarnplayer's gorgeous designs...and her hand dyed "Luna" I'm off to make some matching earrings!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As you can see I was quite spoiled by my shawlette swap partner-have you ever seen a more beautiful shade of blue? My photo doesn't begin to show you how beautiful the design is...hopefully, Corinna will be posting the pattern for sale on Ravelry soon. Yes, Corinna aka picnicknits was my partner and wow what a great partner!
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Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't Be Hatin'

Saturday was bonanza day for me. We went junking/ antiquing and I scored in a big way. We found several vintage guitar instruction and music books, but that's not the best part. I bought two balls of orange thread and two lace hankies for $4, a vintage tatting book for $3, four tatting edged doilies for $5, and here's the grand prize-four vintage tatting shuttles and a crochet hook for $6 and a beautiful treasure box for my tatting for $18!
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Monday, February 21, 2011

How I Came to Be a Tatter

Many tatters have been posting stories about how they became a tatter so I thought I would pitch in my two cents. Many years ago...I'm guessing between 25 and 30 years ago I had the opportunity to go to a needlework trade show in Baltimore, MD. We stumbled upon Adrianne B. Rice's booth where she was promoting her Dillie Delights tatting book. It hadn't been released yet but meeting and talking with her was enough to spark my interest in tatting. Later I did purchase both of her Dillie Delights books but have since sold them. I tried desperately to teach myself to tat...from that old Coats booklet with the green cover that teaches knitting, crocheting, tatting, huck weaving, etc...with no success. Fortunately, one of my coworkers knew how to tat and showed me the flip. Unfortunately, there wasn't much in the way of support for tatters back then so it slipped to the back burner. And then came cyberspace-and ever since I discovered tatting on the 'net back in 1997 I've been a tatting fool (in between bouts of knitting, crocheting, rug hooking, and quilting). I have bags and bags and bags of completed tatting now and really no concept of what to do with them. I just love trying new patterns and techniques but I rarely have a purpose in mind for the finished product.

Currently I am tatting with a purpose. I am tatting an edging for a little linen runner I want to place on the back of the toilet. My choice of thread is quite unusual is a silk knitting yarn from Schaefer yarns called Andrea...and it tats beautifully. It's quite expensive, but is massive in yardage...1093 yards. I may even decide to tat an edging for the window top treatment. I'm using a pattern from Bessie Attenborough's book "Tatting". My adorable Manx kitty, Little Bit loves to help with the

Friday, January 14, 2011

Tatting Fever

Yes...more earrings from yarnplayer's Quadrille pattern. I found a fabulous bead store less than two miles away and became inspired to tat jewelry once again.
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