Sunday, July 12, 2009


Wouldn't you think by now I would know better than to plan anything? I got up this morning and began my photo shoot with a framed crazy quilted piece I did in 1983 that I was going to share on the Yahoo group I was just accepted to called stitchMAP. I got some lovely shots of it on my really nice digital camera and guess what? I don't have anyway of reading the card on my laptop nor do I have the cord for it (that must be in my storage unit). So, I dig out my newer simple digital and re-take the photos and guess what? I have the cord for it, but the PC has gone up on me and the laptop won't recognize the camera and I don't have the disc for the camera to load in the laptop (that must be in the storage unit also). So I have squat for you in photos...I'm so sorry.

How about this? Here's something from my Flickr account just so you can have something to look at. I was on a roll one year with ballband dishcloths and had all these little tiny bits left from every skein of cotton I used. So I took some plain ecru cotton and made what I call a stash-bustin' dishcloth by using up a different leftover in each stripe.

Stay tuned-I'm gonna get this camera thing figured out yet...I don't want to resort to using my cell phone for the pics cuz it takes awful pictures.



  1. Hi, do you actually say 'piffle'? It has a nice sound. LOL. Looking forward to the photos. Love the header.

  2. Ruby-true confession time...I only use the word "piffle" when I manage to remember I'm in polite company and curb my "sailor mouth". LOL