Thursday, April 21, 2011

Latest Tatting Effort

Yes, it's another of yarnplayer's gorgeous designs...and her hand dyed "Luna" I'm off to make some matching earrings!


  1. my grandma use to tatt...I always wanted to learn but she passed away before she was able to teach me....I am in the come blog-along ravelry group with blog is

    come by and take a look...
    (I became a follower of your blog...hope you can become a follower of mine also...)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm jealous :D

  3. That is just lovely! I just love Yarnplayer's Stained glass window and her threads! You did a beautiful job on it! :)
    ~TattingChic ♥

  4. Very pretty,. have never tried my hand at tatting.

  5. Donna, Congratulations! You've won the Garden Afternoon Giveaway on my blog! You win the mini set of hand dyed solid colors and the multicolored skein as well. (To explain further, the first winner never contacted me to claim her prize, so I used the Random number generator again, and this time your number came up.) Please email me at yarnplayer(at) - change (at) to @ - to let me know where I should mail your prize. Thanks, and congratulations on winning!