Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I took a few liberties with this week's challenge. The duo-tangle challenge was to use Molly's Munchkin and Cinquital only.  I gave Cinquital a bit more symmetry because, well, because I like symmetry. Inside the circles I drew polygons (pentagons and hexagons to be exact) and then oriented the curved spikey thingies around them. I love the pen I used for these. I made a trip to the Hobby Lobby and bought a disgraceful number of pens to try out and spent an equally disgraceful amount of money. This particular pen was cheap though ($1.99) and it makes the finest line I've ever seen. It's manufactured by Kuretake and is called a ZIG Memory Systems Millenium MS-01. It's great for drawing the lines but I had to get out a broader pen for the solid black. I'd be coloring in the black til next year if I tried it with the Kuretake pen.


  1. Your challenge piece is gorgeous! I think the cirquital on a bed of munchin is really nice!

  2. Using the pentagons and hexigons was a great idea to provide more symmetry to the Cinquitals. I think they turned out great. It was a fun challenge. :)