Sunday, April 5, 2009

Where's My ZZZZZ's???

One AM...and I can't sleep!!! So, I'll blog about some random stuff:
First-my yarn from the March CJKopeccreations Spinalong:

Check out that boat anchor masquerading as a bottom whorl spindle-five ounces...feels more like five pounds!

Then, there's my vintage spinning wheel I've had for three years and still haven't gotten the damaged leather bits replaced-maybe this year.

And while I'm at it, I'll include one picture of the freshly groomed doggeh from last summer-he's pitifully shaggy right now (note the large plastic bag chock full of tatted bits and bobs-see, I really do tat).

I'm currently participating in a Ravelry hansigurumi swap (I have 2 partners-what was I thinking?), the CJKopec April spinalong, beginning April 13 a Todos scarf Plurkalong, and I'll get my swapbot dotee doll swap partner on April 15...overcommitted much? Oh...and today I got my Martha Ess Tea is for Tatting book and I want to tat everything in it. And then of course, my copy of Hansi Singh's new book full of her amazing hansigurumi creatures is slated to arrive from Amazon on my doorstep on Tuesday (my birthday-perfect timing). All of that on top of a minimum of 20 UFO's. So if it's a long time before I blog again you'll know exactly why.

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