Thursday, May 14, 2009

Returning to the Real World

I've made a decision with regard to the concept of "re-inventing" myself. I need to reduce my internet presence and my total reliance on the internet (i.e. Plurk and Twitter) for social interaction. I've closed both my Twitter and my Plurk accounts so I won't be tempted to return to them. I'll still hang out on Ravelry, Intatters and GoodReads. I've kept my Facebook account to keep in touch my family and old high school friends...and of course I'll keep my blog-it's not as if I spend much time blogging anyway, right?

I've come to realize that I spend so much time sitting at the computer that I'm not moving forward with my life. The last year's events have left me traumatized and have sucked any self-confidence I ever had right out of me. It's time to move on and be part of the world around me instead of just the world within me.

I'm behind in everything, yet the only thing I "have" to do each week is work eight hours a day Monday through Friday. Go figure!

To this point I've lived my life as if it were a daily dress rehearsal...just waiting for opening night...Well, today is opening night! So, to the one or two people who might actually read my blog, wish me luck (or "break a leg" if you want to keep with the theater simile).

Thanks for your kind attention.

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  1. AH! So that's what happened to you. Good for you. Take some time off and "smell the flowers" :)